Whiten Your Smile

At Home Whitening: What You Should Know

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One of the most prominent features on our face is our smile, so it is important to keep our teeth healthy and white. While we may have had beautiful white teeth as a child, our teeth tend to get stained over time due to drinks such as wine and coffee, as well as bad habits such as like smoking and …

Burned Tongue

How to Soothe A Burned Mouth

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Do you have a burned mouth or tongue from sipping coffee that was too hot? You don’t have to suffer, thanks to these simple home remedies to soothe the pain. It’s happened to the best of us at one time or another: We know that we should probably wait for that hot pizza to cool down before taking a bite, …

Dentist Near Syracuse, NY

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If you’re looking for a Dentist near Syracuse, NY – look no further! Choice Family Dental offers a wide range of dental services focused on quality care. We offer complete & comprehensive family dentistry using state of the art technology. Choice Family Dental always accepts new patients and Walk-ins are welcome, but we encourage you to call ahead to schedule …

Dental Checkups

The Dental Checkup

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By maintaining good oral health, you will also benefit your overall health. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, you can help protect your oral health by seeing your dentist regularly for checkups. It’s recommended that most people get a dental checkup every six months, but your dentist may recommend more frequent or fewer visits, depending on your dental health …

Mouth Rinse

Choosing A Mouth Rinse

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Ever wandered through the mouth rise aisle at the store, gazing at the wide variety of mouth rises available – all of which to protect your teeth and gums and freshen your breath? How do you choose? How can you know which promises hold true, and is a mouth rinse really necessary? There are three major types of mouth rinses: products that contain …