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Say Goodbye To Toothaches

Nothing is worse than a sore tooth. From dull throbbing to excruciating, toothaches are not only a nuisance, but they can also lead to larger health problems. Choice Family Dental is here to help. Dr. Quiros and his expert dental team have helped countless patients solve their sore teeth. If you are suffering, please – call our team today for an appointment. 

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Tooth Getting On Your Nerves?

A toothache or tooth pain is caused when the nerve in the root of a tooth or regions surrounding a tooth are irritated. Inflammation to the pulp or pulpitis may be caused by dental cavities, trauma, and infection. 

Damaged Teeth

One of the most common causes of toothache is a cavity. Bacteria and plaque cling to your teeth and produce an acid which eats away at the enamel, causing voids of "cavities" in the tooth.

Sensitive Teeth

Healthy teeth are surrounded by a hard outer layer of enamel. This can wear down in time, exposing the middle area of your teeth and making you sensitive to things you eat or drink.

Teeth Grinding

You enamel can wear away with enough force over time. Sometimes this is caused by teeth grinding - typically brought on by stress, sleep disorders, or bite issues.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth is like teething for adults. These large teeth at the back of our mouths can become impacted or debris can get stuck under the gum and cause pain.

I have been at this dental office twice now. Once for myself, and once for my 8 year old daughter. The environment is very welcoming and Dr. Quiros is nothing short of exceptional.
Veronica T.
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