Harmful Foods for Kids Teeth

At Choice Family Dental we believe It’s important to start your children out early on a healthy dental routine. This includes making sure that your kids are eating foods that keep their teeth healthy. Sometimes this means avoiding certain foods and drinks. Here’s a list of certain foods to avoid:

  • Soda or Sports Drinks: Most people know that sodas are filled with sugar and they aren’t good for your teeth. Diet drinks are filled are also filled with acids that are harmful to teeth. Also, sometime parents feed their kids sports drinks as a healthier optional but  those also contain sugar and acids.
  • Dried Fruits: It may become a surprised to many but these aren’t as healthy for you as they sound. In the pure form fruits are good for  you but once they are dried theses become sticky and similar to gummy candy.
  • Sticky foods: Anything from gummy bears, to caramel and even chewable gummy vitamins. These are important to pay attention because it isn’t the sugar that are added to them its the exposure the candy’s have in your mouth.
  • Starchy Foods: Pasta, French fries, or white bread might not seem harmful at first but they tend to get stuck between teeth. Starchy foods also convert to sugar on the teeth.

It doesn’t mean you have to eliminate these food all together but it’s important to be aware and make good choices. Moderation is key, a sweet treat even now and then isn’t the end of the work. At Choice Family Dental we are happy to go over with your child about the foods that may be bad for his/her teeth.  We are also happy to show them the proper way to brush especially after eating candy. Its always important to start them off with the proper dental hygiene habits young so they have a lifetime of healthy smiles

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