Tips For Better Dental Care

When you’re trying to maintain your pearly white

smile there are a few things that you may or may not be doing to make sure the bright white doesn’t fade to yellow or become pocked with cavities. There are the obvious things like brushing daily, having routine cleanings with your dentist, refraining from smoking, and limiting sugar intake—but, there are some things that people either didn’t or don’t do that could greatly increase their level of dental health

Tips for children

If you have kids, or if you are an extremely intelligent child reading this yourself, there are some things that you should keep in mind in regards to a growing body and fresh new teeth coming in. Permanent molars can come in as early as 6 years old, and something that could very well prevent future decay or tooth damage is to use sealants. Dental sealants can prevent sugars and alcohols from getting into the pits and fissures of the tooth, something that only one-third of American youth do.

Eat right to keep those teeth white

Outside of just avoidance of excessive sugar, having a healthy diet can have a big impact on your dental health. A well-balanced diet filled with grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy will provide you with the nutrients necessary to avoid internal production of excessive acid and other digestive disorders that affect dental health. Some researchers believe the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish could also reduce the risk of gum disease.

Don’t forget your tongue

Your tongue is an important part of maintaining good dental health. As uncomfortable as it may be to some, brushing your tongue with either a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner can remove bacteria and food to reduce the risk of tooth decay and bad breath. This is something that you should be doing every day!

There are tons of things that you should be, would be, and could be doing to maintain and improve your dental health—so, schedule an appointment with your dentist to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

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