Taking good care of your dentures

Dentures need just as much care and maintenance as natural teeth. They can be the source of bad breath if not kept clean and those who wear dentures should know the proper way to care for them. Luckily, denture care doesn’t require much effort and proper denture care should become a well-developed habit. Dentures that aren’t properly cleaned can cause everything from bad breath to oral diseases. We have some helpful tips on keeping your dentures well cared for.

Rinse your dentures with warm water

A good way to keep your dentures hygienic and looking clean is to place them in a cup of warm water to soak for a few minutes and then rinse them well. Doing this after every meal, will remove any of the food particles left on your dentures. Getting rid of these nasty food particles will keep bacteria from forming in your mouth.

Brush Your Dentures

Treat your dentures like you would real teeth and brush them! You can use a denture brush or a regular toothbrush to clean remaining food particles from between them.  Without brushing your dentures, food particles remain and this will cause the dentures to start to develop an unpleasant smell and can even cause sores on your gums.

Clean your Dentures every night

Every night it is important to clean your dentures. We suggest brushing your dentures with a non-abrasive denture paste or cream. We don’t recommend using abrasive powders or regular toothpaste. These have a tenancy to scratch the surface of your dentures and can make cleaning them more difficult and allow more places for food and bacteria to get stuck. Always read the instructions on any type of cleaning device or product before using them on your dentures. If you have any questions about it be sure to give us a call!

Remember to keep your dentures in good shape.  Without proper cleaning, dentures can cause serious problems for your mouth. Give us a call should you ever be concerned about your dentures. Pain and discomfort should never be an issue with dentures.

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